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Notice to imaginedheart66...

So you join this community, and read about our lives, and criticize us...AND you don't live in Florida!?
You obviously have no life. Normally I don'thave a problem with new- combers, but what the hell? You don't need to give me or anyone else in this community an an attitude. So, you have 3 options...

1. Leave and stop posting
2. Stay but only post positive things
3. Keep up what you are doing, and you'll be banned.

your choice!

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I never criticized you, i judged you, but i really didn't, you're in a community called st.pete prepz, duh, you're a fucking prep. I do actually have a life, i just don't go outside in the snow. And i'm usually on the phone when i'm doing anything in this community. And i NEVER ever posted in here. i commented. not like you can ban me from commenting. so shut up. And yeah. i will be nicer, if you stop being so peppy and it makes me angry so i comment, and yeah, i'm sorry, bye man.
if it makes you mad. then why did you even join.
and yeah we can ban you for whatever reason we want to. even if we just feel like it.
so if you have a problem with it, then just leave.
Yeah, and this community was made LAST YEAR when we were going through that "prep" phase. Just recently...about last week we decided to start posting entries again, and in my entry it says why.
If you get mad or whatever, then why don't you just leave, and go to a different community and "judge" them.
so what if were preps!!!! thats why i made this community, so you can get out of this community or i will banned you. fruit_is_cute and beauty_x, are not mods, but they are right, i will banned you!

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